Summary Of Qualifications

Lee McGriff

Army Viet Nam 155 Assault Helicopter Company, (SOG Helicopter Company)

two tours 1966-1969 Purple Heart

NRA Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection

In The Home, Range Safety Officer (first certified appx. 1998)

Front Sight, Four Day Defensive Handgun August 1999

Gabe Suarez (HALO), Introduction the Pistol April 2000

Gabe Suarez (HALO), Advance Tactical Pistol June 2000

Jeff Cooper, Gunsite Master Series Pistol August 2000

Gabe Suarez, Suarez International, Close Range Gunfighting II May 2005

Gabe Suarez, Suarez International, Urban Carbine September 2006

Gabe Suarez, Suarez International, Urban Combine Combat Skills September 2006

Gunsite, Carbine April 2007

Walt Marshall, Advance Weapons & Tactics, Introduction to Combat Shotgun

December 2008

Gabe Suarez, Suarez International, Shotgun Gunfighting March 2009

Max Joseph, Tactical Firearms Training Team (T.F.T.T.), Combat Shotgun March 2009

Blackwater, Executive Protection, August 2010

CCW Instructor Placer County, Ca. since appx. 2001

CCW Instructor Utah

Ca. DOJ Instructor