About Lee :

Vietnam Vet + Urban Defense experience + professional training for Real-life instruction.

     Lee McGriff offers expert instruction on defensive firearms, principles of personal defense, and the combat triad ( Marksmanship, gun handling and mindset). Lee teaches private citizens,  law enforcement, as well as related professions the skills that can save their lives in real-life gun battle situations. Lee is a purple-heart Vietnam veteran of two combat tours as a SOG helicopter crew chief/door gunner where he faced combat daily. He also has lived in urban areas with high crime rates and has had to use his knowledge of guns, self defense, and how to talk to perpetrators to protect himself and others.

     Lee has also trained with some of the foremost firearm instructors of the world. This combination of real-life military and civilian "combat" experience, and formal instruction is rare among firearm instructors.

     Lee knows what works from experience and know how to teach you what will work for you if you are threatened.


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